Since Di took over the bookkeeping responsibilities for us, our days of frustration are in the past.  She has managed to combine her attention to the individual client with cost effective and user- friendly software that seems to be the meeting place of 21st century technology and old-fashioned personal service.   Over the years our interests have developed complexity, but since Di took over she has streamlined the management of our affairs so that we have, at the touch of a fingertip on the keyboard, all the reports we might need.

She raises suggestions of improvements to our systems, explains the benefits and costs, and makes sure we are in favour of the changes.

Coupled with Di’s excellent memory for our matters is the fact that she is ever alert if an unusual transaction crosses her screen.  It’s a relief and a pleasure to hand over bookkeeping responsibilities to her.

Not only is she highly professional and discreet, but if a personal or family issue arises she is the first to send flowers and sympathy.  She’s a special person providing a special service and I am very happy to support her nomination.