Don’t let tech logistics limit your growth. Evolve, manage, analyze and automate every aspect of your business with a centralized online platform and enterprise-level tools.

Leverage the power of multi-module DEAR inventory management software to take your business to the next level. We keep the moving parts of your business all in one location, while automating time consuming tasks, whether you are in retail, wholesale, or manufacturing.


Use DEAR to stay profitable and competitive through more accurate, efficient and proactive purchasing decisions no matter which industry you operate in.


Save time and labour with every accounting process beautifully streamlined and perfectly integrated across your business.


Maximize your sales by taking them under your full control.


Increase the efficiency of each of your sales channels by connecting the dots between every process and system.


As a manufacturer, having a 360-degree view of your production costs and inventory status is essential for developing winning pricing strategies and minimising losses.


Give your customers the best experience by letting them automate and manage their orders directly from your custom web portal.


DEAR Warehouse Management Solution offers a convenient way to cut costs, improve productivity, and streamline your warehouse order fulfilment process.

Inventory Management

With DEAR Inventory, you’ll be equipped with instant visibility into stock levels and order statuses, for up-to-the-minute knowledge of your inventory.

Point of Sale

Powerful, easily deployable, and intuitive to use, DEAR POS organises your storefront and drives your growth.